Arthroscopy (Closed Surgery)
From Prof. Dr. Murat Bezer

Arthroscopy (Closed Surgery)

Arthroscopy (Closed Surgery)

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used in the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. “Arthros” means joint and “scopy” means to scope, to monitor. Arthroscopic method helps your surgeon to see inside the joints of your shoulder, knee, hip and ankle in detail by means of a pencil-sized instrument called “arthroscope” which is composed of a lens and a lighting system.

Arthroscopy is in fact an optical system. With the help of a camera attached on tip of the optical system called “scope”, it is possible to see inside of a joint. Since the images are magnified 8-10 times, all structures inside of the joint can be examined in great detail. Arthroscopy can be applied within a shorter time compared to other surgical methods, the images can be saved and pictures can be taken.

Arthroscopy also allows imaging of the regions that are more difficult to reach by open surgery.

Arthroscopy has become the most applied procedure in orthopedic surgery today.

Physical treatment and rehabilitation start much earlier in this method as the joint is not opened. Arthroscopy is the least harmful method for healthy tissues since it is practiced by little incisions. Post-surgical pain is much lower compared to open surgery. Patient recovers faster and returns to his/her active life earlier. It is especially advantageous for people who do sports.

The risk of a decreased movement to develop in the joint is almost none by the exercise program after arthroscopy compared to an open surgery. For all these reasons, the recovery period in arthroscopy is much shorter and easier.